Scotty Fly Rod Holder

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Scotty Fly Rod Holder


The Scotty Fly Rod Holder features an innovative compact design that allows hands free trolling with a fly rod. Simply place your fly rod in the holder and fasten the safety strap to help keep your rod and reel securely on board and ready to go. The Scotty Fly Rod holder is also fully adjustable to either help you get your rod and reel at the proper ready position or to keep it laying flat against the deck so as to not get snagged on any tall obstructions. Scotty's 265 Fly Rod Holder comes with a combination deck / side mount bracket while the 264 Fly Rod holder comes with a flush mount bracket. The Scotty Fly Rod Holder is not compatible with the Scotty Slip Discs 415. Mounting hardware not included.

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This simple, secure holder keeps your rod at a comfortable height and gives you quick access so you can respond to a strike fast.

  • Composite construction is highly durable and allows this rod holder to operate freely throughout a variety of weather and temperature conditions
  • Cradle design keeps the grip of your pole within easy reach and provides plenty of clearance for a variety of reels
  • Flip-lock closure flips over the base of your rod and around your reel so your gear stays securely in place
  • Ball-and-socket pivot allows you to adjust rod angle quickly and easily with the twist of a knob
  • Editor's note: mounting hardware not included