Paddleboard fever: Stand up, sit down - or do yoga.

Do you want to stand or sit? Burn some calories or bathe in the sun? Race hard or stand on your head? There are many reasons why the paddleboard has become mainstream in such a short amount of time, says Chris Shields, owner of SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) NH. Variability is one.

“It’s the most versatile water craft on the water right now,” Shields said in a recent phone interview.

It’s also light, flat and easy to use. Pat Malfait, owner of Contoocook River Company, would go so far as to say that it put paddle sports back in business. “Paddleboards coming into the market gave us all a bit of a boost, something new to put our arms around, and it gave the paddling community something new to go out and try,” Malfait said.

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