Paddleboard fever: Stand up, sit down - or do yoga.

Paddleboard fever: Stand up, sit down - or do yoga.

“Paddleboards coming into the market gave us all a bit of a boost, something new to put our arms around, and it gave the paddling community something new to go out and try,” Malfait said.

The infamous rope swing, mentioned once again.

We recently stumbled upon this great blog, Wild Swimming New England and found ourselves mentioned. If you know us, you know we love that rope-swing. If you're stumbling upon us we hope to meet you soon and get you outfitted for your own river adventure. 

Why visit:  It's a quiet spot that allows for long distance swims, splashing around, rope-swing and diving fun for all.  I also recommend renting a  kayak, canoe or standup paddleboard from Contoocook River Canoe Rentals and cruising the river.  They have a 2 mile and 9 mile tour. If you don't want to rent, try floating down the river in a inner-tube as well; it's a great summertime diversion. 

We're listed in Hippo's 101 Ideas for Family Fun

Number 97.

Rent a canoe or kayak from the Contoocook River Canoe Co. A great option for families is to rent and put in to the Contoocook River at the company’s beach, paddle up or down the river as far as you want and return to the beach. An easy two-mile paddle upriver will bring you to Daisy Beach, “a great beach for swimming and picnicking.” Reservations are highly recommended. On Thursday evenings the company offers an evening paddle with put in from their beach only, 5 to 7 p.m., and rental rates for all kayaks and canoes $12 each. 


WMUR's Chronicle pays Contoocook a visit

Contoocook River Canoe Co. received a visit from the crew at WMUR's chronicle to talk about kayaking and stand up paddleboarding. We talk with Erin Fehlau about what a day on the Contoocook looks like. Always a good time being on the river and a blast to share it with more folks than usual on this particular day.

View the clip here.

Nature 101: A journey up the mighty Contoocook River

Paul Basham wrote this piece on paddling the Contoocook for the Concord Insider.

The Contoocook River is 71 miles long, and I canoed nine of those miles with my daughter, Carolyn Blasko, and her son, Jay, on May 26. We were shuttled up to the Contoocook Village with our rental canoe by the Contoocook River Canoe Co. of Concord, with Will Hastings as our van driver. Prior to leaving on the shuttle, Patrick Malfait, owner of the Contoocook River Canoe Co., demonstrated how to correctly wear a life jacket, gave out maps of the river and answered questions from those making the trip.

Read the full piece here.