How to Choose a Kayak and Paddle

When choosing your first kayak and paddle, there are a few factors you should consider.

1.) Where would you like to paddle?

Kayaks: Not all kayaks are created equal. Each type of kayak is designed for use in a specific body of water.

Some kayaks are specifically designed for whitewater kayaking. Others are shorter and wider for recreational paddling in slow moving rivers, lakes or bays. Then there are the long and slender touring or sea kayaks, the super stable recreational sit-on-top, and the ever-popular accessorized fishing kayaks.

Paddles: Like kayaks, paddles are designed for many different types of kayaking. It’s up to you to determine your skill level and where you would like to paddle.

For the most part, you get what you pay for with paddles. Aluminum and plastic models are inexpensive and are great for recreational kayaking, but they can be heavy. Fiberglass and carbon fiber paddles are an excellent, lightweight option for more serious paddlers. They offer the durability required for sea and river kayaking, and their light weight is perfect for long distance paddling.

2.) What is your body type?

Kayaks: Things like height and body type can play a role in the model of kayak that you would find most comfortable.

Tall people or people with larger body types may find sitting in certain kayaks uncomfortable due to limited leg room and cockpit size. The taller individual may prefer a longer kayak, such as a touring or sea kayak, as they offer more leg room and a medium to large sized cockpit. People with larger body types may prefer a wider kayak, such as a recreational or sit-on-top kayak. These kayaks will have either a larger cockpit or no cockpit, making it easier to get in and out as well as offering more stability. Small children do well in tandem kayaks as well as in regular sit-in kayaks. The average teen or adult will be able to operate most kayaks without difficulty.

Paddles: Height and body type also play a role in which paddle is best suited for your needs.

Paddle length is important for both comfort and efficiency. Length is determined by the width of kayak and height of paddler. For the recreational paddler, a general way to determine proper paddle length is to stand next to the paddle and reach up. If you are able to curl your fingers over the blade of the paddle, that length should work for you. When it comes to finding the right paddle for a touring or sea kayak, you should consult a paddle sports specialist.

Whenever you purchase a new kayak or paddle, it is important to consider your price range, where you want to paddle, your body type and other physical factors. Be sure to stop in and get our expert opinions before your purchase. As always, we’re here to help you have a great time on the water!

Kayak Fishing and Sea Kayaking: There’s More Than One Way to Paddle

Kayaks are great for paddling out on lakes or rivers, but that’s not all they’re good for!

Kayak Fishing

Kayak fishing is a hugely popular summer sport. Not only do you get to be out on the water, but you experience kayaking in a whole new way. Whether you’re a first timer or an old salt, every kayak fishing trip offers a unique and wonderful experience.

We carry all the leading fishing kayak models:

Meet the Old Town Predator series, a revolutionary and innovative sporting model of the classic, trusted brand. It’s got all the features we love in an Old Town, and so much more for the modern sportsman.

Then we have the finely tuned Wilderness System Ride series, designed to provide a reliable, stable fishing experience with some of the smoothest paddling in the world.

Lastly, there’s the FeelFree Lure series, a highly efficient sporting kayak engineered specifically for ergonomic comfort and a supreme fishing experience.

Guided Fishing Tours

Let’s not forget about our all-inclusive fishing tours! Just bring a lunch, bathing suit, and your fishing license and we’ll take care of the rest. Fishing trips are available 7 days a week during select times. We’ll set you up for success, but what you catch is up to you! Visit our Fishing Tours page to learn all the details.

Sea Kayaking

Many people are lake or river paddlers, but there’s a group of folks out there who like to do it differently.

Sea kayaking is a unique experience. Sea kayakers trade the wide-set stability of recreational lake kayaks for a longer, sleeker kayak designed to propel forward and cut through choppy waves.

We carry a variety of leading sea kayak models:

Valley Kayaks are the considered the titan of sea kayaks. They were the first to implement the strategic design and features that are now found in almost all other sea kayaks, such as combining a slender lightweight frame with an incredibly durable hull.

The Nigel Dennis Kayak (NDK) series offers a revolutionary approach to kayak durability. Designed and tested for use in extreme temperatures, climates, and paddling conditions, the NDK series takes sea kayaking to the next level.

P & H Custom Sea Kayaks are known for their continuous innovation. With countless designs and constructions from carbon fiberglass to Kevlar hulls, P & H remains ahead of the research curve in the evolving technology of paddle sports, catering to every type and venue of sea kayaking.

Try something different this kayaking season! Hop on board a Guided Fishing Tour, or check out our wide selection of sea kayaks suitable for every skill level. Call us at (603) 753-9804 to learn more or to set up a trip, and we’ll get you out on the water.