Benefits of Paddleboarding: What do I Need to Know?

There are many physical and mental benefits of paddleboarding, and it’s growing fast in popularity as both a sport and a recreational activity.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of stand-up paddleboarding (SUP).

1.) Improve your balance- SUPs are very stable, but finding perfect balance can be a challenge for beginners. The process of balancing during paddleboarding improves your hand-eye coordination, physical control, special awareness and concentration. In short, it’s great cognitive exercise.

2.) Improve your cardio, strength & endurance- It’s no surprise that paddleboarding improves physical strength and endurance. It offers a low-impact, full body workout perfect for injury recovery or cross training. Paddleboarding allows you to pick your own pace, ranging from an intense workout to a relaxing cruise.

3.) An experience in nature- Breathing in fresh air and soaking up nourishing sunlight are great for both physical and mental health. But more than that, paddleboarding allows you to get personal with the water. The therapeutic movement of a SUP can be more intimate than canoeing or kayaking because you are not sitting in a cockpit. Instead, you’re standing out in the open, experiencing every breeze and ripple as you glide through the water.

What do I need to know about paddleboards?

The 2 basic types of paddleboards are plaining and touring.

Plaining paddleboards are perfect for recreational paddling or playing in the surf.  They come in an array of widths and lengths and are designed to be used on lakes, slow-moving rivers, oceans and surf.

Touring paddleboards are designed for speed, tracking, efficiency and distance paddling. They’re sleeker and narrower—perfect for paddler who wants to get out and paddle deliberately, not play in the surf.

In general, paddleboards are between 10-14 feet long and 25-40 pounds. They have cushioned deck pads, a carrying handle, and fins to keep the board tracking straight during paddling. Learn more about paddleboard features.

Longer paddleboards offer greater speed and straighter tracking than short boards. For beginners, wider is better. A long, wide SUP will provide excellent stability and efficiency.

The best way to find the SUP that is right for you is to try out a wide variety. We’re here to help you experience the many benefits of paddleboarding. Come by anytime to view our excellent selection, and then get out on the water!