We love this story from Old Town about this Father & son fishing duo

We see families gearing up to teach their children to fish. We love it, because as a family owned business we definitely value family time on the lakes, rivers and beyond.

This is a great piece from Old Town about Alabama-based Senior Editor for Bassmaster, Thomas Allen who takes a hands-on, outdoors approach to parenting. "From turkey hunting in spring, deer hunting in fall, to fishing bass the entire calendar year, the Allen family bucks the trend of solitary, sedentary electronic pastimes."

It's definitely nice, but not at all surprising to see they're having fun using the Predator to teach casting.  Read the full release here.

Old Town Canoes & Kayaks announces new series with master caster, Keith Combs.

You heard it here. 

Old Town Canoe & Kayaks pulled in some serious fishing talent and are offering a weekly fishing tip series called “Fishing Tip Friday”. We're definitely looking forward to checking that out on Old Town’s Facebook page. The series will cover everything from seasonal tactics to specific bass techniques for kayak anglers. 

In the second installment of our "Day Off With a Pro" series, we recently met with Bassmaster Elite Series Pro and Old Town Sponsored Angler Keith Combs near his home in Huntington, Texas, spending two days on the water exploring the kind of Texan big bass waters anglers only dream of...

Read why this Bass pro fishes from a Predator, and check out more about the series in the full press release here


Why should you try Stand Up Paddle Board YOGA this summer?

by Rebecca Stephens

Is your yoga routine getting a little stale? If you’re looking for a new challenge, yoga on a stand up paddleboard will reinvigorate you and push you to become an even better yogi than you thought possible — all while enjoying the natural splendor of floating on water.

Here are some benefits:

  1. It’s a better workout. Since the board is unstable you have to work to engage your core more which creates better balance and core strength.

  1. You will refine alignment. You will be more in-tune with each yoga posture. The board will let you know if you are not grounded.

  2. It is more relaxing when you can hear the sound of he water lapping the edge of the board, birds singing, and feel the wind gently brushing against the skin. You will create a deeper connection with your breath.

  3. It is empowering and FUN! By mixing up your practice, you reduce injury and boredom.

  4. It is a little scary which will teach you to let go of fear and be okay with falling. Learning to get back up is a powerful life lesson.

  5. Being on the water is more beautiful! Yoga means “UNION”- you are able to join the beauty of nature with your yoga practice: Movement, breath and spirit.

Come join me on the Contoocook river this summer!

A typical class includes some basics of paddling and water safety then we take a short paddle to the spot were we will practice yoga. We will begin the asana practice with seated postures connecting with our breath then move on to some kneeling and possible standing postures. We will close with a guided relaxation- savasana floating on the river. Bring a playful attitude and leave your ego on the shore. We will have fun, learn new ways to approach postures, let go of the way is “should” be, and if you fall off -be okay with it and just get back up.

We'll be hosting a "TRY SUP Yoga Class on June 21" as well as three 3-Session Courses held on Tuesday evenings from 6:30 - 7:30 pm. Session 1 starts on Tuesday, June 28th, Session 2 starts on Tuesday, July 19th and Session 3 starts on Tuesday, August 9th.

pranaSTRONG yoga & wellness of Penacook has partnered with Contoocook River Canoe Co. to offer these SUP YOGA classes.

Classes will be Tuesday nights at 6:30pm held at Contoocook River Canoe Company. They will run in 3 week sessions for $80. Register today-space is limited. 


Rebecca Stephens: 200hr E-RYT & Full Moondala SUP yoga teacher pranaSTRONG yoga & wellness located at 311 Village St, Penacook, NH 03303. 603-724-5006    

Kayaking on the Contoocook

Written by Alex LeChance (www.averageandactive.com)

I spent 5 hours venturing 9 miles of the Contoocook River today thanks to the Contoocook Canoee Co. Twenty-Nine dollars grants patrons use of a one-person kayak for the day and a ride up river. Pat gave out maps and a quick paddling tutorial for those who needed it before putting us on the bus. The trip starts right next to one of New Hampshire’s famous covered bridges in Contoocook Village and travels back into the state capital where my car was parked.

The majority of the trip passed through quiet forest with only a soundtrack of birdsong. Turtles sun bathed on rocks and fish swam directly below my boat. All the stress and cares of my week exited from by body rapidly as the sun cooked my skin.

Slowly more signs of life appeared through the trees. Small camps and large houses adorned the banks. Fishing boats and pontoon boats started floating around me as the river widened. Multiple rope swings lined the shores. I stopped at Mast Yard State forest for lunch in the woods. The river passes under New Hampshire Heroes Recreational Bridge in this 400 acre forest.

The final stop on this journey is a gem of a beach called “Daisy Beach” apparently named after a dog. This is part of Concord’s Lehtinen park with a network of trails that connect to the previously mentioned bridge and forest. This is perfect for swimming, picnicking and sun bathing. Kids and adventurous adults can hurl themselves into the water on a rope swing.

A quick 2 mile paddle brought me back to my car and ended this adventure. Contoocook River Canoe Co. offers trips of different lengths on the Merrimack River as well and paddlers can also skip the shuttle and enter the river directly at the shop. With kayaks, canoes and paddle boards for rent and sale and a fully stocked shop of boating supplies there is a way for everyone to get out on the river for an hour or an entire day.

Benefits of Paddleboarding: What do I Need to Know?

There are many physical and mental benefits of paddleboarding, and it’s growing fast in popularity as both a sport and a recreational activity.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of stand-up paddleboarding (SUP).

1.) Improve your balance- SUPs are very stable, but finding perfect balance can be a challenge for beginners. The process of balancing during paddleboarding improves your hand-eye coordination, physical control, special awareness and concentration. In short, it’s great cognitive exercise.

2.) Improve your cardio, strength & endurance- It’s no surprise that paddleboarding improves physical strength and endurance. It offers a low-impact, full body workout perfect for injury recovery or cross training. Paddleboarding allows you to pick your own pace, ranging from an intense workout to a relaxing cruise.

3.) An experience in nature- Breathing in fresh air and soaking up nourishing sunlight are great for both physical and mental health. But more than that, paddleboarding allows you to get personal with the water. The therapeutic movement of a SUP can be more intimate than canoeing or kayaking because you are not sitting in a cockpit. Instead, you’re standing out in the open, experiencing every breeze and ripple as you glide through the water.

What do I need to know about paddleboards?

The 2 basic types of paddleboards are plaining and touring.

Plaining paddleboards are perfect for recreational paddling or playing in the surf.  They come in an array of widths and lengths and are designed to be used on lakes, slow-moving rivers, oceans and surf.

Touring paddleboards are designed for speed, tracking, efficiency and distance paddling. They’re sleeker and narrower—perfect for paddler who wants to get out and paddle deliberately, not play in the surf.

In general, paddleboards are between 10-14 feet long and 25-40 pounds. They have cushioned deck pads, a carrying handle, and fins to keep the board tracking straight during paddling. Learn more about paddleboard features.

Longer paddleboards offer greater speed and straighter tracking than short boards. For beginners, wider is better. A long, wide SUP will provide excellent stability and efficiency.

The best way to find the SUP that is right for you is to try out a wide variety. We’re here to help you experience the many benefits of paddleboarding. Come by anytime to view our excellent selection, and then get out on the water!

How to Choose a Kayak and Paddle

When choosing your first kayak and paddle, there are a few factors you should consider.

1.) Where would you like to paddle?

Kayaks: Not all kayaks are created equal. Each type of kayak is designed for use in a specific body of water.

Some kayaks are specifically designed for whitewater kayaking. Others are shorter and wider for recreational paddling in slow moving rivers, lakes or bays. Then there are the long and slender touring or sea kayaks, the super stable recreational sit-on-top, and the ever-popular accessorized fishing kayaks.

Paddles: Like kayaks, paddles are designed for many different types of kayaking. It’s up to you to determine your skill level and where you would like to paddle.

For the most part, you get what you pay for with paddles. Aluminum and plastic models are inexpensive and are great for recreational kayaking, but they can be heavy. Fiberglass and carbon fiber paddles are an excellent, lightweight option for more serious paddlers. They offer the durability required for sea and river kayaking, and their light weight is perfect for long distance paddling.

2.) What is your body type?

Kayaks: Things like height and body type can play a role in the model of kayak that you would find most comfortable.

Tall people or people with larger body types may find sitting in certain kayaks uncomfortable due to limited leg room and cockpit size. The taller individual may prefer a longer kayak, such as a touring or sea kayak, as they offer more leg room and a medium to large sized cockpit. People with larger body types may prefer a wider kayak, such as a recreational or sit-on-top kayak. These kayaks will have either a larger cockpit or no cockpit, making it easier to get in and out as well as offering more stability. Small children do well in tandem kayaks as well as in regular sit-in kayaks. The average teen or adult will be able to operate most kayaks without difficulty.

Paddles: Height and body type also play a role in which paddle is best suited for your needs.

Paddle length is important for both comfort and efficiency. Length is determined by the width of kayak and height of paddler. For the recreational paddler, a general way to determine proper paddle length is to stand next to the paddle and reach up. If you are able to curl your fingers over the blade of the paddle, that length should work for you. When it comes to finding the right paddle for a touring or sea kayak, you should consult a paddle sports specialist.

Whenever you purchase a new kayak or paddle, it is important to consider your price range, where you want to paddle, your body type and other physical factors. Be sure to stop in and get our expert opinions before your purchase. As always, we’re here to help you have a great time on the water!

Kayak Fishing and Sea Kayaking: There’s More Than One Way to Paddle

Kayaks are great for paddling out on lakes or rivers, but that’s not all they’re good for!

Kayak Fishing

Kayak fishing is a hugely popular summer sport. Not only do you get to be out on the water, but you experience kayaking in a whole new way. Whether you’re a first timer or an old salt, every kayak fishing trip offers a unique and wonderful experience.

We carry all the leading fishing kayak models:

Meet the Old Town Predator series, a revolutionary and innovative sporting model of the classic, trusted brand. It’s got all the features we love in an Old Town, and so much more for the modern sportsman.

Then we have the finely tuned Wilderness System Ride series, designed to provide a reliable, stable fishing experience with some of the smoothest paddling in the world.

Lastly, there’s the FeelFree Lure series, a highly efficient sporting kayak engineered specifically for ergonomic comfort and a supreme fishing experience.

Guided Fishing Tours

Let’s not forget about our all-inclusive fishing tours! Just bring a lunch, bathing suit, and your fishing license and we’ll take care of the rest. Fishing trips are available 7 days a week during select times. We’ll set you up for success, but what you catch is up to you! Visit our Fishing Tours page to learn all the details.

Sea Kayaking

Many people are lake or river paddlers, but there’s a group of folks out there who like to do it differently.

Sea kayaking is a unique experience. Sea kayakers trade the wide-set stability of recreational lake kayaks for a longer, sleeker kayak designed to propel forward and cut through choppy waves.

We carry a variety of leading sea kayak models:

Valley Kayaks are the considered the titan of sea kayaks. They were the first to implement the strategic design and features that are now found in almost all other sea kayaks, such as combining a slender lightweight frame with an incredibly durable hull.

The Nigel Dennis Kayak (NDK) series offers a revolutionary approach to kayak durability. Designed and tested for use in extreme temperatures, climates, and paddling conditions, the NDK series takes sea kayaking to the next level.

P & H Custom Sea Kayaks are known for their continuous innovation. With countless designs and constructions from carbon fiberglass to Kevlar hulls, P & H remains ahead of the research curve in the evolving technology of paddle sports, catering to every type and venue of sea kayaking.

Try something different this kayaking season! Hop on board a Guided Fishing Tour, or check out our wide selection of sea kayaks suitable for every skill level. Call us at (603) 753-9804 to learn more or to set up a trip, and we’ll get you out on the water.

School’s Almost Out! Summer is Now in Session

Summer is almost here, I promise! Warmer weather is on its way, and kayak season is already in full swing. There’s a lot going on at Contoocook River Canoe Co. You don’t want to miss out…

Canoe, kayak, and stand up paddleboard rentals

Rent a canoe, kayak or stand up paddleboard for as long as you like at a flat rate. We don’t charge by the hour, and you get a group discount on 5 or more rentals! Paddle one of our trips on the Contoocook or Merrimack Rivers that range from 2 to 9 miles, or just paddle around where you like.   Don’t forget, if you decide to take one of our shuttle trips you need to call and make a reservation. We are also located on Glenn Lake at the Park and Recreation Building in Goffstown NH on Mast Rd.  Our number is (603) 753-9804.

Shopping for paddle sports

If you had a great time with your rental and you think it's time to own your own canoe, kayak or stand up paddleboard, stop by our shop! Our store has a huge selection of standard and light weight paddle sport boats and accessories including roof rack systems. We have all the best brands and many different models of kayaks, canoes, and paddleboards for the beginner to the expert. We even sell used boats, all in excellent condition. Plus, you can shop right through our website!

Paddle Sport Instruction

Are you new to paddle sports, or do you want to improve your technique? Why not get some professional lessons this summer! Check out our instructional course schedule and get signed up today. We have great prices on canoe, kayak, and paddleboard lessons.

Guided fishing trips

Looking to catch the big one?  We offer morning and evening kayak fishing trips. In our opinion, there’s no better way to enjoy nature with family or friends than out on the river catching Small Mouth Bass.

Special events at Contoocook River

We’ve got all kinds of great events that have already started. In April, we’ve got the New Hampshire Boat Show, Reel Paddling Film Festival, Discover Wild New Hampshire Day and our very own Contoocook River Canoe Co. Demo Day, just to name a few. Special events will be posted to our website every month, all summer long. Check out our Events tab to find out what’s coming up!

Even though we’ve had a long winter here in New England, that hasn’t stopped folks from getting out on the water! Summer begins when you decide it should. So start your summer off right, and come on down to Contoocook River. We can’t wait to see you!